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DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine Review

The Good: As one of the only super-automatic espresso makers under $1,000 (and the only one under that price with a bypass doser), this is a high-value machine that only gets higher in value because of the double boiler. No more waiting for the brewing to stop for the steaming to start—it all happens at once. Add to that this is the least-returned machine on the market and you’ll see how reliability and durability play into the DeLonghi Magnifica brand. Of course, customers like the dial controls which add another layer of reliability (as opposed to digital which break).

The Bad: You will have to deal with some excess noise coming from the grinder as compared to other super-automatics in the same class, but if that is what got the price down, we can live with that. Keep in mind that the super-automatic grinder is not friendly to oily-beans, so you’ll need to have medium espresso roasts for optimal espresso tastes and strengths.

The Bottom Line: The relatively low price combined with the superior design and superb commercial grade elements makes the Magnifica the highest quality and value super-automatic espresso machine on the market today. This is the “must have” espresso maker for the enthusiast that knows value, money and most of all, good coffee.

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DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Review


DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso MachineDespite its small stature, the DeLonghi is big on other things, namely value, power, ability and features. In fact, the Magnifica is so impressive that it’s widely held as the top-end of the super-automatic espresso machine industry, delivering shot after delicious shot without fail. Thanks to the fully programmable digital control panel, making your espressos is as simple or eventful as you want it to be.

With the touch of a button, you can send the built-in super quiet burr grinders to work, get the foam frothing and measure out the perfect shot amount and strength. Or, you can set the controls to new and exciting twists to hit all of your adventurous taste buds at once. Whatever you decide, you’ll cut down on the tedious tasks like refilling the water tank (60-ounces or 7.5 cup capacity makes quite a bit of shots) and cleaning the machine since the Magnifica is self-cleaning and comes with a decalcification indicator!

Conform the measure of water to make diverse qualities and flavor profiles for various individuals from your family. Likewise on the control board is the one of a kind cappuccino framework (see beneath) which gives you an entire 180 degree pivot, giving you a chance to get any size compartment of milk straightforwardly in there. Comparable in nature, the espresso nozzle if 100% movable for any size container you need to utilize.

Also is that not at all like other coffee particular machines, the Magnifica permits you to make anything thing you need—from cappuccinos to lattes to espresso to foamy claims to fame. Utilizing the beans to blend framework, the Magnifica gives you the most fragrant and tasty beverage conceivable, every single time. In addition, because of the two stainless steel boilers, the warmth dispersion is right on the money, giving you less time squandered between coffees, better coffees and a moment warm capacity regardless of to what extent it’s been since you last blended. Pre-warm the containers before blending your coffee for the most sensible taste.



The Magnifica is the world’s littlest removable mix framework making it the best impression for minimal ledges and storage room. Still, the little ponders of the DeLonghi Magnifica still pack the greatest elements, which is the reason the general estimation of this super-programmed coffee machine is so high:

• The most minimized mix bunch known not is only made for the Magnifica, giving you the ideal warmth conveyance every single time for ideal temperature and yield

• A stainless steel twofold kettle keeps the inside and outside workings super-spotless and clean, just requiring descaling around four times each year to evacuate all minerals. Not at all like other super-programmed coffee machines that should be overhauled, you can descale the Magnifica in a couple of straightforward strides at home

• The incorporated burr processor spares you a huge amount of space on your ledge and away, making the ergonomic impression of the DeLonghi Magnifica all the more staggering. Additionally, since you can either choose your own particular custom crushing level or utilize the unit with ground espresso, the decision is forever yours at how much or how little function you need to do

Features & Functionality of the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300